The "Diversum" Project

In 2010, Web Mining Lab of PJIIT, obtained funding from National Science Centre for a research project:

Title of the project:"Models and algorithms for supporting non-standard information processing on semantic knowledge graphs including search result diversification and adaptation to Polish language"

Project's goal: to study the area of processing the information in the form of semantic knowledge graphs with particular emphasis on applications of the concept of diversity of result to graphical entity summarisation

Team: dr Marcin Sydow (head); Mariusz Pikuła; Mateusz Chochół (admin); Grzegorz Sobczak; dr hab. Ralf Schenkel (MPII, Saarbruecken); dr Jakub Piskorski (IPI PAN); Prof. dr hab. Witold Kosiński; A.Wróblewska; T.Kuśmierczyk

The obtained results include:

Publications related to the project (13 publications, including 1 in a journal with "impact factor"):

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