Title / Topic Grant / Year Collaboration with
"DIVERSUM Project" (ongoing) N516 481940 MPII, Saarbruecken
Intelligent WWW content prediction (ongoing) ST/SI/02/2011 ICS PAS, Warsaw
Semantic Summarisation in RDF-graphs BW/SI/02/2010 MPII, Saarbruecken
Web Mining in Internet Advertising ST/SI/04/2009 AdOcean Sp. z o.o.
Simple Focused Web Crawler BW/SI/O3/2009 ICS PAS, Warsaw
Web user behaviour analysis ST/SI/03/2008 Gemius S.A., PUT Poznan
Automatic methods for search engine spam detection ST/SI/06/2007 Yahoo! Research Barcelona, JRC Ispra, PUT Poznan
Analysis of search engine query logs ST/SI/06/2006
Evaluation of the novel link-based RBS ranking algorithm BW/AI/03/2005 Gemius S.A. and
Crawling large collections of Web documents ST/AI/03/2005  
Automatic content classification of Web documents ST/AI/03/2004  
Analysis of the methods of ranking Web documents BW/AI/01/2004  
Measurements and models of the Web graph PJ/AI/03/03 Inst. of CS, PAS, Warsaw